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Healthcare Benefits Education & Consulting

Our goal is to be able to provide better health and financial outcomes for both patients & providers by providing comprehensive and practical education, coaching and consulting.

People Over Profits

Our main objective will always be to make as big a positive impact as possible on everyone that we service. As medical billing & coding professionals, we are honored to share our knowledge base with everyone. 

How We Help

Our Impact

We strive to seize every opportunity to help and serve others. Our mission is to improve the lives of others by helping attain adequate utilization of healthcare benefits which will improve quality of care and overall health. Philanthropy before profits is what makes us different. A+ plans on doing this by acting genuinely and in good faith, with the interest of our members as priority.


Thank you for your interest in our services. A+ Medical Billing & Coding offers tradition medical billing/coding in addition to patient education & advocacy services. We firmly believe that the better educated a patient is regarding their medical benefits, they better the health outcomes, and it makes for an easier process for both the patients & providers.

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