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Health Insurance & Benefits Education

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Learning how your health insurance works will be life changing, as you should know: how are you share of costs determined? How do you control your costs? What does your plan type cover? What are the different plan types? When is the doctor allowed to bill for what insurance doesn't cover?

Healthcare Insurance  Quiz

Healthcare benefits are very confusing. It doesn't matter if they're through Medicare, an employer, or the Marketplace. They all have the same basic rules and regulations, which can vary depending on your location and your unique situation. 

Since we are the individuals credentialed and certified in processing the healthcare claims that are sent from your provider to your healthcare insurance, no one understands how this all works better than we do. 

Not knowing can be detrimental to health, or even your finances. Did you know that in some cases you can choose WHERE you receive services, and this can save you thousands of dollars on medical bills. If there's an important reason you need your medical records and the provider doesn't respond in the time allotted by the law, you may be entitled to. 


If you are provider, wishing to purchases one or all of these courses for multiple patients please contact us for a quote

Do you have unpaid medical bills/claims?
Is there anther person that helps you with your insrance.?
Do you receve finacal assistane with your prescriptins?
If appoved, do you know how to enroll yourself in the program?
Do you receive financial assistance with of your living costs (e.g. food, utilities, transportation, or Marketplace dicounts or credits)?

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