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Health Insurance Education Services

Take control over your healthcare benefits and let us help you make informed decisions regarding which type of plan to choose, keeping your costs minimal and give you the information you will need before transitioning to Medicare. We believe in being prepared and being financially literate. We want to see everyone live an optimal quality of life, let us help you care for you and your family. Making your life easier and stress free is our goal.


E-course, E-Book & Online Classes for Healthcare Insurance Benefits

Service Value

Knowledge is power. 

Better Access to Care

Lower Medical Bills

Emergency Preparedness


Educating patients and caregivers on how to utilize their benefits will directly improve their quality of care and life. As an added bonus, this will save hours or staff hours answering patient questions. These services can either be provided in bulk at discounted services or in addition to medical billing/coding services. Visit the Medical Billing & Coding services page for more information.

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